Assam Magnet provides magnetic separators and metal detectors used throughout feed, grain and flour-milling facilities to remove metal contamination from products and prevent tramps iron from damaging processing equipment. Assam Magnet designs, engineers and builds a full range of magnetic separators including plate magnets, drawer magnets, free-flow magnets, grate and tube magnets, magnetic chutes, etc
The job and location of the magnet will vary depending upon the process and the setting. Magnets are typically found in three areas (application sites) within a facility.
In food processing industry the most typical foreign material is metal. This contamination not only damages the processing machines, but can cause serious health hazard for consumers.
Benefit of successful detection and separation of metal from material:
1) Protect your machinery equipment’s from damage.
2) Saves your business money and down time.
3) Ensures supreme product quality with non-metal contamination.
4) Protects your reputation and enhances your brand name in the market.
Highly efficient for: Rice mills, Flour mills, Tea factory, Biscuit Industries, Cattle/Poultry feed industries, Spices & Masala Industries, Noodle plants, Plastic product industries, Brewery industries, Oil mills, Pharma industries.


magnets types

We have different varieties of Magnets that can be customized to suit your requirement.

Grate/Hooper Magnets:

These High Power Magnets can be placed at the Hooper (where the raw material or the finish product mostly in powdered or granular form has to pass through) and any piece of iron filing present in your product can be arrested. Magnets are in form of cylindrical Rods in Stainless Steel so that the hygiene level is maintained. These Magnets are easily removed for cleaning.

Magnetic Filters for Liquids :

These special Magnetic Filters are used in purifying liquid beverages like Fruit Juice beverages, Fermented Milks, Medical drinks and various sauces etc. The powerful magnetic bars are located in the product flow and can filter out even the smallest Fe particles – down to 30 microns. Filters with Assam Magnet’s strongest magnetic bars can even capture extremely fine Fe. Assam Magnet magnetic filters are designed with the magnetic bars located inside extractor tubes, making cleaning quick and easy.

Conveyor Bar Magnets :

Conveyor Magnets can be installed above the conveyor belts so that any iron particles contaminated in your product can be separated while passing through the conveyors. The magnetic energy present in the Bar Magnet attracts the ferrous metal and thus helps clean your product.

Plate Magnets :

Plate magnets can be installed at the chute where the granular product passes in bulk quantity. It can also be placed above the moving conveyor where the product falls and Magnet is positioned to attract any ferrous metal that may be mixed in the line of manufacturing.

Drum Type Permanent Magnetic Separator :

 High quality single drum type magnetic separator is specially designed to separate non-ferrous metal from different materials. Mostly it is used in processing industries for the separation of iron contamination from mineral, chemical, food, sand, plastic, fertilizer etc.

Magnetic Hopper Grill :

Magnetic Hopper Grill provides a high-intensity high gradient magnetic field to remove ferrous metals from free-flowing materials. Grate Magnets are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes as per your requirement. All grids are available with either ferrite or powerful rare earth magnets.

Steel Lifting Magnet :

Steel lifting magnets are ideal for handling steel plates, die castings, forgings, etc. They eliminate the need for clamping devices, slings or chains.

Bullet Magnet :

Bullet magnets have a large bullet-shaped magnetic core in the center of the product flow. They filter medium to large ferrous contaminants from high-capacity coarse bulk streams. Bullet magnets are used in the bulk, animal feed, plastics, ceramics and recycling industries, among others.

Inline Separators :

Inline Separator Magnets developed with High Energy Rare Earth Magnetic Assembly to remove very fine particles of contaminated materials from the non-magnetic products. The special advantage of this equipment is that it separates the iron filings during the process and collects them separately reducing the involvement of Manpower for cleaning and removing from time to time.
1. The whole process is automatic and does not involves man-power for cleaning the equipment’s as required in the conventional magnetic plates and grills.
2. It uses High Intensity Magnets to separate the iron particles and are available as per your production capacity.
3. The machine has given amazing results and our esteemed customers are highly appreciative and satisfied with the working of the same.
4. The most significant feature of the machine is that it is installed inline making it a part of your manufacturing process and is totally automatic requiring no manual aid.

Magnetic Destoners :

Our magnetic destoners are widely used to remove mud balls, black stones and other impurities from a variety of grains, spices and pulses. Being a customer centric company, strive to meet the customized requirements of our clients and offer unique magnetic destoners machines. Our high quality and customized magnetic destoners are available at highly affordable prices in the market.

Suspension Magnetic Separators :

Suspension type magnet is used to extract tramp iron from Your Product stream conveyed by a conveyor belt or Vibratory feeder. Most Suitable for extracting ferrous particles like nuts, bolts, Channel, angles and various other tools from a product stream.

Drawer Magnets :

Multi Stage Open Magnets which are available in different styles to suit specific application needs. Drawer Magnets consist of rows of magnetic rods that are assembled into drawer. The rods of the drawer are magnets are aligned on alternating Centers from the row directly above or below it. The powerful magnet stops the flow of the tramp material directly into the machine parts.

Jacket Type Grill Magnet :

Grill Magnet with Jacket type covering for easy cleaning purpose. These Magnetic Grills are available as per customer sizes. The tramp irons can be easily removed without much effort as the Magnetic Rod frames are detachable.

Hooper Magnets :

They are designed to fit in any size of hopper. No need to make any cumbersome attachment or alteration to fix it in your hopper. Hopper magnets are designed for separating tramp iron material from free flowing materials. These magnets protect molding machinery and other processing equipment from damaging ferrous metal. Easy to clean and no maintenance.

About Us

Founded in the year 1977, Assam Magnet became one of the first companies to fabricate Magnetic Separators for the food processing industry in North East India.