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Slotted Angle Storage Rack System

Slotted Angle Racks are easy to install and dismantle. Due to the uniformly punched slots in the metal angle, the height of the shelves can be adjusted as per customer requirement. The racks are available as per standard sizes and it can also be customised.

Pallet Racks

This rack is used for section and assembled type of goods which has intercept space for easy adjustment. The designing of Pallet Racks are done so that the loading and unloading of materials can be done mechanically using Hydraulic Stackers, Forklift etc. They are easy to dismantle, have a top grade scientific and storage friendly design.

Heavy Duty Racks

Heavy Duty Racks is constructively similar to light pallet racking but designed to store non-palletized goods. This is an intermediate application between light and heavy-duty applications. Long span shelving is designed for loading/unloading goods manually without mechanical equipment. Stored goods can be from smallest components to large and awkwardly shaped items.

Cantilever Racks

This type of storage system is best suited for heavy duty storage. They are widely used to store long products such as Bars, Pipes, and Tubes and so on.

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Founded in the year 1977, Assam Magnet became one of the first companies to fabricate Magnetic Separators for the food processing industry in North East India.